Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your location/hours of operation?
 We DO NOT have a central location or set hours! We operate totally using foster homes and dogs are met and shown by appointment only AFTER an approved application.  Adoptions are done by appointment from 10 a.m. till dark 7 days a week, weather permitting.

Please Call Me?
 We DO NOT have time for phone calls as there are only a small amount of us that care for, photograph, network, and manage the foster homes of the animals. We also have jobs other than rescue.  EMAIL is the best and fastest way to communicate with us.

Are your dogs good with other dogs? 
YES!!!! Our dogs have to be good with other dogs since they are usually placed in foster homes with other dogs and animals. IF a dog is not good with other dogs WE will be the first to say so.

What vet work (medical) has been done?
 ALL dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on age appropriate vaccinations (parvo, bordatella, rabies, de wormed, flea/tick preventives, heartworm tested (if positive for heartworms they are almost always treated before adoption, except some cases of senior dogs in our program )

What comes with the dog when adopted? 
Your new dog comes with a medical folder that lists what medical work (vet work) has been done and of course the dog itself.
The medical folder you receive IS the ONLY Copy of the dog’s vet work.

Is this dog available? 
Our website and facebook page is updated regularly. Once a dog is adopted, it is removed from our adopotables list.

Do we receive government funding? 
NO, we receive no funding; we function solely on adoption fees and donations from the public.
NO wages are paid to anyone; we are a volunteer-based group.

Adoption Fees? 
All dogs have an adoption fee. Fees generally range from $60-$80, depending on the dog.
This helps cover the cost of vet work, but in most cases does not fully cover it.

REFUNDS, Do I get my money back?
 You are not buying a dog from us!!! You are simply helping us to care for homeless dogs. We hold the adoption fee long enough to hand it off to the vet or spay clinic, if you return a dog just know that the fee has gone to a good cause, and will be used to care for unwanted, homeless dogs. 
 There Are NO CASH Refunds. We may decide to allow another dog to be selected for adoption depending on the circumstances of the return and at the SOLE DISCRETION of the group.

Do you know the animal’s past/story? 
We have yet to have one tell us it’s past, all we can do it guess.
We do not make an animal pass a prerequisite for saving its life, most often the animals come from the pound, so we have no idea of its history just that it needed saving.